Connect with polyamorous people like you, share thoughts with others, make new friends is a networking platform to connect with like-minded people, who believe love and sex are beyond two people. Polyamory, Sex+ Positive, Open Relationship, Swinger, BDSM, Relationship anarchy, Mixed, Conventional, in casual dates or Straight, LGBTQ+ based on all colors, genders, and beliefs are welcome to use is bringing everyone together in one place as a community. Who is looking for to explore ideas around- sparkling eroticism and new adventures, contacts with sexually open-minded people, suggestions that will improve love or sex life, spontaneous and uncomplicated dates, and erotic meeting.

Our foremost goal is to get polyamorous and sex+ people together in one place and to make polyamory and sex positiveness out into the mainstream.

We encourage people who are thinking out of the box to become involved on to meet, make friends or connect with friends, hang out, solve problems and discuss issues that they feel are important.

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